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Striped Zip Travel Pouch, organic cotton
Sustainable cork zip travel pouches.
Sustainable cork zip travel pouches with Hemp interior
Sustainble Cork Travel Pouch

Striped Organic Cotton & Hemp Zip Travel Pouch


Perfect for travel or for corraling small items in your purse, these fantastic hand-crafted zip pouches in cork or organic cotton are beautiful, sustainable, surprisingly soft and very practical. Made with top-quality zippers, and lined with washable Hemp Denim material. Gusseted design, so they're more roomy than you'd expect for their sizes.

Organic Cotton Zip Fabric Pouch:  6" x 4" 

Cork Fabric Zip Pouch In two sizes:
         Large: 8" x 5"   Small: 6" x 4" 

Organic cotton and hemp are recyclable and compostable.
Cork is renewable, recyclable and compostable.

Fair-trade made in China.

Sustainable Organic Cotton Zip Travel Pouch
Sustainable Cork Zip Travel Pouch

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