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Purple Striped Organic Cotton Snuggle Socks by Maggie's Organics
Striped snuggle socks organic cotton | Maggie's Organics
Organic cotton striped snuggle socks | Maggie's Organics
Organic Cotton Snuggle Green Striped Socks - Maggie's - Upland Road

Unisex - Striped "Snuggle" Socks in Green, Purple, and Fuchsia & White Stripes - Organic Cotton


Everyone loves these socks!
These super soft Organic Cotton Snuggle Socks have plush cushioning from the tip of the toe to the top of the sock, and an expandable comfort roll top make this a fantastic choice for hanging out and relaxing. Wear rolled up or down. Same thickness as a crew sock -- can be worn with shoes, or as light slippers to pad around the house in.

Also available in Fuchsia & White Stripes and in Purple Stripes, see images.

 Size 9-11     Fits Women's Sizes  4 - 9.5    Men's Sizes 5.5 - 8.5
 Size 10-13   Fits Women's Sizes 10 -14   Men's Sizes 9 -13

 89% Organic Cotton
 10% Nylon
   1% Spandex

The cotton is fair-trade grown on family-owned organic farms in Nicaragua. Regulated by the US Organic Rule and meeting Global organic trade standards (GOTS).
Made in USA

Machine wash inside out cold or warm. Tumble or line dry. These socks will stay soft and stretchy for years.

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